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Are You Tired Of Email Problems?
Fed Up hearing Your Email Bounces?
Annoyed At The Quantity Of Emails You're Receiving?
Frustrated At The Time Spent Deleting E-mails...

Don't Worry Any Longer... Those Days Could Be Over For YOU!

In this hi-tech age of the Internet, it's getting harder to E-mail people online and Internet Service Providers are making it tougher for E-mails to get through to your intended recipient... But it's even harder if you rely on web-mail because it seems you have to get used to things like:

  • Bouncing E-mails

  • Full inboxes

  • Messages going straight to the trash before you even read them

Now that's all well and good IF IT'S SPAM you're missing out on... But what about E-mails you really WANT to read?

E-mails Can Be So FRUSTRATING -- It's Enough To Make You Scream

But never fear... A solution is at hand. We know what it's like for internet marketers to be faced with these kinds of continual frustrations. We understand how time-consuming it can be to be wasting hours deleting E-mails, searching the trash for what you want... Asking people to re-send information that you want to read. It's just time wasted when it could be better spent doing more productive tasks -- like making money!

My List Mail is the simplest in web-mail with POP3 E-mail that is compatible with safe-list submitters and auto-validating services. It also has incredible deletion functions where you can change your settings to AUTOMATICALLY delete e-mails at the time you set! It has helped many online marketers make their life a whole lot easier!

We offer Several Options!

Choose a package you are comfortable with and you feel suits your needs:

Account Level (Size)
6 Months
PRO - 100MB
VIP - 1GB (1,000MB)

OR to become an AFFILIATE

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